This is ‘it’! The Business connection and legitimate networking you have all been waiting for! African Movers (UK) is the one and only UK African e-magazine business website that aims to integrates all African-owned businesses in the UK. African Movers (UK) is a Limited Liability Partnership founded by Ms Lara Williams and in Partnership with Mr Johnson Adeoti.  The Organisation is UK Registered and was born in January 2014. The Organisation aims to advertise and enlist all African-owned businesses in the UK connecting them with relevant consumers of their various services and products. But that is not all that we do. We have Online Shop, we do talk show, we also have both Business Club and Christian Club. All that you see on our website are all that we do.

Ms Lara Williams is the Founder/CEO of African Movers (UK). She is a Nigerian born woman who was raised in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. She studied Business Studies at the University of Liverpool and had a PGDip and MSc in Accounting & Finance at Thames Valley University in London.  Lara Williams had wealth of business experiences behind her having worked for reputable organisations in the UK such as the BBC Television, Department for Transport, NHS , National Statistics and many more, mostly as a Management Accountant.

Mr Johnson Adeoti is theStrategic &  Marketing Director of African Movers (UK) . He is a patriotic African who resides in the UK. He has invaluable business experiences which includes medical practices. His passion to move Africans forward in all ramifications cannot be quantified. He is a hard working entrepreneur who wishes to impact lives within the African communities both in the UK and across Africa. His overall experiences are invaluable to the mission of African Movers (UK).  He is a silent brain and giant of Africa. Who has become an asset to this Organisation.


African Movers (UK) is passionate about Africans Unity and Progress. In view of this the Organisation endeavour  to serve  all African businesses in the UK regardless of size or nature of the business ranging from sole traders to limited companies. This provides opportunities for an individual who trades from home to be connected with a wider group of African businesses and consumers of their Products and Services. To achieve this we help to promote or advertise their businesses through various social media and seminars.

We delight in celebrating both individual and corporate African events ranging from birthdays, graduations, anniversary, business launching, weddings and showcasing African fashion. This is evident on our webpages ‘Celebrations’, and ‘Fashion Highlight.  This is for those who take pride in African Culture and fashion.

Our Business Club enables us to grow internationally by reaching out to all African Entrepreneurs across the globe. By way of membership we are able to reach out to the less privileged children and adults in need. Together we can crack down poverty in our Continent. We welcome all and Sundry into our AMBC (African Movers Business Club).

We are also proud to say we have included God’s business in our business. We run a Christian Club called ‘Bethlehem Christian Club’ with the aim to bring more interaction and networking amongst Christians on a social level. A page has been dedicated to this mission on our website whilst we also bring the Club to live by holding Weekly Social Meetings in various places across the South East of England.

We hold a ‘talk show’ on our ‘Wine Carpet’ webpage so as to be more interactive with our community by presenting an opportunity to debate Social issues that affect us today.

We can therefore say we serve you all (Businesses, Christians, African Communities, Children and Adult in need) in our belief that “Together WE WILL MOVE FORWARD”.